Rebecca Solnit: Walking And The Suburbanized Psyche

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suburbanized thinking
What have walking become in the technology booming century? Why are there no longer any people walking around the street for pleasure purpose? According to the essay “Walking and the Suburbanized Psyche” by Rebecca Solnit, walking becomes something so irrelevant that no one would want to do it if they do not have to. People will not walk anymore if they do not have to because walking is a sign of weak and poor. Solnit start off by saying that walking had once been something that many people do. There was a golden age for walking in the nineteenth century. She kept going by saying that people now prefer to use the technology provided in the twenty first century to travel around rather than walking by themselves.
I agree
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During the summer, I walked every day at night. The summer breeze and the empty street helped me relax and have the best alone time. I remember one time when I got into a fight with my brother. After we stop fighting I went back to my room and decided to lay on the bed and try to forget about it. It was not helpful. Later I got out of the house and start my nightly walk. The cool breeze and the silent street allow me to forget about everything and just kept on walking. Soon I forget about my anger and just enjoying my alone time. I stopped being mad because I was so relaxed while walking outside. Walking is a good way for people to calm down. With all the stress provided to people regularly nowadays, go out to walk everyday would allow one to not be as stressful and think about his or her …show more content…
Back when I was in high school, kids that live near their house will most likely to walk to school themselves. But the reason they walk to school is not because they want to, nor it is because walking to school is faster and easier. During the senior year of high school a lot of my friends are fortunate enough to have cars bought from their parents. Ever since they got the car, I never see them walk anymore, even if the distance is short. Our home is about seven to ten minutes away from school, and, before they can drive, they always walked to school. It was not faster nor easier to drive to school since there are a lot of other cars. The only benefit from driving to school from home is to not be exposed to the cold morning weather. Once I asked my friends that why do they drive to school so much when you can just walk, some of them replied that they do not know they just want to because why not, and the others replied that they got cars now so they do not have to walk anymore. I was shocked with their replies because I thought they just do not want to walk and because it was cold in the morning, but they did not even provide me with an actual answer, it has just occurred to them that they should drive to school because driving just seems better than walking. With the technology that

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