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Keeping Students on Campus: Students’ Lives Matter
Imagine three senior girls piling into a small tan beat up car. It’s just like any other day, the sun is shining and they are all laughing and having a good time. They are just going out to get something to eat during their lunch break at school because their school allows off campus lunches. One out of the three girls buckle, the other two did not even think about buckling. They pull out of the parking lot on their way to Dairy Queen, the music was cranked up to loud and the sun was shining right into the drivers eyes. From one moment of perfectness to one moment of disaster, the car starts the swerve to the left of the lane just has a semi had been passing them. The driver tries to correct
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Michelle Obama has taken interest in this hot debt; recently she has passed an Act called National School Lunch Act. In the Act Michelle has planned out two meals that met the health requirements for students to be able to get the nutrients they need. Type A lunch is for students in elementary school and type B is a lunch for students in middle school through high school. Michelle Obama says “There are studies that show that kids who are eating their fruits and vegetables on a regular basis actually do better in school” (1). Students are getting healthier lunches by staying at the school, if they go off campus they will more than likely go to fast food restaurants. They are being offered at the restaurants, fat and greasy foods that are not healthy nor will they get the nutrients they need. According to the Minnesota Department of Health “The obesity rate is a concern that Minnesota is dealing with. During 1995 the obesity rate was 15.3 percent and in 2014 it increased to 27.6 percent” (1). Although businesses in our community would benefit from schools having off campus lunches, we need to think first about students’ …show more content…
According to Annette Bono a parent at Woodbridge High School “Parents are worried about them driving off campus, especially on a rainy day” (1). Even back in 1999 off campus lunches were starting to concern people, teens are not experienced enough drivers yet and records show that the number one cause of death for teens are car accidents. In 2008 schools in Long Island decided to close there off campus lunches because of the increasing concern of accidents and sometimes truancy. The number of car accidents actually persuaded Jeff Payne a CEO of Drivers Edge to start a driver’s Ed program in a school in Las Vega which grew into a business. Payne say to Paula Murphy, a writer for Gale “I am so frustrated that young drivers aren’t actually taught to drive. They’re just taught to pass the driving test” (1). With Campuses closing there off campus lunches they are working towards providing a more appealing lunches to kids, so that both students and stuff have a good lunch and are able to stay on campus. Although allowing students to go off campus for lunch would teach them time management, some students still wouldn’t mange there time wisely, which would make them speed or drive recklessly so that they would be able to make it back to class on time. A resolute of driving like that would most likely be an

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