Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Analysis

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In this hypothetical situation, one of the women who works for the same organization I do had approached my boss to express her concern of being in a hostile work environment that has been created by her superior. My boss had then approached me to further investigate the situation and understand the complexities behind what was meant by a ‘hostile work environment’. This paper will examine that situation, as well as the concern of whether or not the organization is doing a good enough job of promoting and encouraging appropriate diversity within the workplace.

According to our book, sexual harassment is defined as “actions that are sexually directed, are unwanted, and subject the worker to adverse employment conditions or create a hostile
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He would say things such as, “Do you know what happens if you fall out of the boat and drown today? They send me a shiny new technician”. He would never call me by my name either, I was always “technician” or “intern,” but never once did he say “_(Name)_”. He would also talk to the other male hire about things that I felt were very inappropriate work conversations. Drinking, affairs going on at the high school or at the bank in town, personal details of relationships or other events involving women, and several other things that did not make me comfortable working with him in secluded areas out on the job. However, when I brought it up to my senior supervisor one day, he simply shrugged it off and said that they senior crew leader had been working with them for almost ten years now and nobody else seemed to be bothered. Was this truly the case? Or did nobody else seemed to be bothered because no one else had spoken up in the past? Whatever the case may be, if someone comes up to you and expresses concern about a hostile work environment or sexual harassment in the workplace, that is certainly not something to be shrugged off and taken lightly. It is something of grave seriousness and must be addressed immediately and …show more content…
discrimination based on sex, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, etc.) and also express the legal implications one should face if they still choose to participate in harassment activities. The policy should also include a statement saying that harassment of workers outside the workplace via e-mail, text, phone call, mail, social media, or any other form will also not be tolerated. This policy should also be communicated regularly at meetings and trainings. Training employees on how to avoid and or properly deal with harassment situations and complaints is also a vital part of the preventative procedure. These trainings should be very detailed and complete with role-playing and other ways to provide real life examples of situations that may be considered harassment to

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