Ethics Of Sexual Harassment And Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

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Ethics affects the actions of individuals daily. These fundamental guidelines are instrumental in providing integrity and order. Within law enforcement departments, the written policies in regards to what is considered ethical and unethical is key to maintaining positive work environments, high moral and operational integrity.
Harassment/Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Harassment and Sexual Harassment promote a hostile workplace environment. Harassment would be defined as both verbal and physical conduct that results in showing hostility towards an individual because of race, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability and sexual orientation. By conducting in harassment, the work environment can become hostile and offensive, prompting
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While all off-duty behavior deemed illegal is unethical, not all off-duty unethical behavior is illegal. In short, law enforcement officers must live their lives, both professionally and personally, in accordance with a department’s standards and expectations in order to not bring discredit, impropriety or corruption to their department. These standards can include the demeanor of a law enforcement officer out side of the workplace in terms of their verbal or nonverbal conduct while in public. With police officers working and living within communities, they must always uphold the honor and integrity of the department. As our world is becoming more reliant on social media and mobile devices, ethical standards also apply to these genres. While many will say that this is an infringement on the protection of speech, if the conduct affects the mission or has any adverse impact on the department then it would warrant a reprimand ranging from suspension to termination. The key to mitigating unethical off-duty conduct is for departments to clearly state their expectations for their officers. If it is not written but rather a norm, it does not provide adequate parameters to know what is right and wrong. All eyes are on law enforcement officers both while wearing the uniform and not, as they are sworn to serve and protect, they are also examples to communities of law and …show more content…
Nepotism deals with the employment of individuals from the same family. Departments must outline and in force that family members are prevented from “being involved in the hiring/selection and/or promotion of the family member, directly supervising a family member, being in a position to evaluate the work of the family member, being assigned to the same unit/task as the family member, approving expenditures by a family member, or auditing the work of the family member.” (Reiter, 2010) The perceived unethical impropriating stemming from nepotism would be the abuses it would create, which can affect the operations and integrity of a department. By having strict protocols in place to deal with family members within one department, it would ensure that abuses would not

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