Border Patrol Ethics Analysis

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Thesis Border Patrol Agents must perform their assigned duties with the highest morals, integrity, and ethics because the security of the United States of America is influenced by their actions. United States citizens rely on these agents to detect, apprehend, and deter illegal immigrants and harmful contraband from entering the country. When an agent performs corruptly and dishonestly, placing personal gain in front of the mission of the agency, the foundation of lawful ethics in which our nation depends on is compromised.
This paper is an analysis of the canon of ethics required when seeking employment with the United States Border Patrol and how the ethical code is applied and utilized to guide agency employees daily
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After the attacks the federal government decided a new cabinet of government must be created to assist in protecting our national borders against domestic and international terrorist threats. Even though the DHS is a rather new cabinet it has rapidly grown and is currently the third largest cabinet department within the United States federal government. Since its existence the DHS has been a major contributor in protecting American citizens, however some of the ethics practiced by personnel has been publically criticized and viewed as an attempt to transition the United States of America into a police state. "The militarization of policing in the USA continues to be a critical area of enquiry for both the police and the society. Recent events speak to the centrality of this area of research for understanding state responses to an array of social problems, including violence, terrorism and civil unrest. Doing so, impacts issues of civil rights, domestic order and the quality of political life in a democracy" (Kappeler, 2015, p. …show more content…
Daily as these employees interact with diverse groups of people, the constant questions that must not be ignored are the decisions they make in correlation with the professional standards of their duty position? Border patrol personnel must be mindful of the reason for their existence while representing the nation and discharging the duties for the positions they have been hired. In order to enforce such strict rules and regulations, they must first adhere to them and honor the code. The prescribed standards of securing national borders by border patrol personnel and the ethical conduct that is governed by the code of professional responsibilities dictates what type of behavior is acceptable and which is not. If an officers individual actions do neither feel morally nor ethically correct than obviously they would not be in accordance with the canon of ethics to be a border patrol agent or officer. Unlawfully violating the law and disregarding in-place ethical standards will have negative repercussions that may be unrecoverable and the effects will be felt by many. Service before self, honesty, loyalty, and the highest levels of integrity are necessary and there are few if any alternatives; the correct actions must always be taken to prevent any type of ethical

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