Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: The Perfect Pizzeria Company

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In this case, Arthur Green and other heterosexual coworkers were faced the sexual harassment from his immediate supervisor, Howard Smith and other homosexual workers. The sexual harassment is a type of sexual discrimination that violates the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The EEOC defined the sexual harassment as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical behavior of a sexual nature that affects working conditions or creates an intimidate, hostile, or offensive working environment. A hostile work environment usually includes actions such as commenting on appearance or attire, telling jokes that are suggestive or sexual in nature, allowing revealing photos and posters to be displayed, …show more content…
Just like Baskerville Watkins, Smith and Aquino (2013) claimed that employers must codify their policies regarding harassment and other forms of mistreatment, train their employees, and take swift action when violations are found. Bernardin (2003) provided some recommended strategies to organizations. The first strategy is organizations should define what is sexual harassment, and has a written policy against sexual harassment. The employers should make a statement to the employees that sexual harassment would not be tolerated. The second suggestion is organizations should have training to help manager be able to recognize and aware of the problems. The third advice is telling employees that they are expected to work under a harassment free working environment. Employees also need to know what they can do under the Title VII if their rights are violated. The fourth recommendation is detailing the sanctions for violators and protection for those who make any charges. The fifth tip is establishing a complaint procedure for victims that claimed they are being harassed. Then, the next step is investigating the situations that victims claimed. The last one is disciplining the person who violated the policy. However, companies should carefully address the last point because individuals can claim “unlawful termination” and have prevailed in cases where they show that they were not treated fairly in the investigation or the hearing that led to the dismissal (Bernadin, 2003). It is critical for organizations to have developed policies against sexual discrimination. And based on the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, companies should treat everyone equally. Which means that both harassers and victims need to be fairly treated. No previous judgments should be made before the investigation is

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