Gym Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… He is told that the gym's female clientele "feel more comfortable" with female personal trainers. Joe contacts the EEOC to file a complaint against Our Gym. Joe:

B) may succeed in his Title VII claim against Our Gym.

13) Ed, a male, works as a receptionist at Acme, Inc., which has 200 employees. Acme customer, Joe, often makes sexual advances on Ed during his weekly visits to Acme. Ed has complained to Acme HR Manager Sam about Joe's conduct. Under these facts:

A) Acme may be liable for sexual harassment under Title VII.

14) Patrick is a manager and is having a consensual affair with his secretary. He forces a married male employee to hear details and view pictures of his exploits. He has also forced this employee to participate in on a threesome, under threat of losing his job.

A) Hostile environment sexual harassment has occurred.

15) Howard believes that he is a woman trapped in a male body. He has begun the initial process necessary to undergo gender discrimination.

D) Howard, under these circumstances receives no protections under Title VII based solely on his
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What employment law lessons should you learn and implement as a result of your new found knowledge regarding this subject?

Disparate treatment is based on an employee’s allegations that he or she was treated differently as an individual based on a policy that is discriminatory. An example of this is a female employee receiving a different yearly review over a male employee who has the same position. Disparate impact is when an employer uses a screening device to decide who receives the benefit of any type of employment decision. An example of this is when an employer requires the passing of a credit check in order to receive a promotion.

The employment law lessons that I need to become more familiar with is the four-fifths rule, pre-employment interviews and the employment applications. Disparate impact is a very broad topic. Knowing the information I do now I am aware that my current agency does not know what to look for to prevent disparate impact. My goal is to review our policies and procedure book and to update it along with our training

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