Essay on Service Recovery Plan For A Business

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In running a business, you have to understand that no one is perfect, things will sometimes not go the way that they are planned, and mistakes will be made. This is the reason that business need to have a solid service recovery plan in place. What is service recovery? It a system for dealing with customer complaints by acknowledging them, listening to the customer, being empathetic, and not just sweeping them under the rug. By learning the importance of PDCA, plan, do, check, act, a business can better come up with a proper service recovery plan for any situation they may come across. There are many different systems and plans that a company can come up with, one of the most popular is the G.U.E.S.T system.
G.U.E.S.T stands for Greet, Understand, Educate, Satisfy and Thank and is a way to better understand the way that a business should go about handling a customer complaint. Greet is first, as it is the first thing that you should do. With a proper greeting, handshake, and properly recognizing the customer, a manager can set the stage for solving the customer’s problem with ease. If a manager greats them by acting like the customer is a hassle and the complaint is just a waste of their time, it is setting up the situation to escalate into something terrible. Next is understand, where the manage take time to listen and try to understand the problem, repeating the problem back at the customer to make sure that the issues is properly understood. Then comes educate because the…

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