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Attending the United States Military Academy, to serve active duty as an Army Officer has always been a dream of mine. From sophomore year of high school, my research of our countries service academies began. Junior year came around and my journey started after seeing what I would gain through a service academy. Our nations military is in constant need of highly intelligent, talented individuals willing to lead and serve as commissioned officers. They give the leadership and guidance needed to successfully command our military operations.

My journey to become a commissioned officer in the Army has hit a few road blocks along the way. Nothing has stopped me from continuing towards what I wish to achieve. After my first time applying to the Service Academies, I wasn't offered an appointment to attend Class of 2019. However, this didn't stop me. I went on to start the application for Class of 2020. I wanted to make my application stronger then the previous year, and after long talks with recruiters, I decided that I was going to enlist in the army. The reason being is due to everything that it would offer me towards applying at USMA. Never did I stop thinking of how I would continue my pursuit to attend. Basic training and AIT for my MOS 15Y, AH-64 Armament/Electrical/Avionic Systems Repairer, did stop my ability to be apart of Class of 2020. Now I am applying for the soon to be Class of 2021. The little knowledge I've gained over my short time of being
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Being able to serve as an Army Officer that was a graduate of the USMA holds great meaning and respect as a great leaders of our Army. The USMA holds cadets to the same high standards as previous graduates. This only makes them better as they are taught to maintain and raise the standard. Making this the reason I want to attend the United States Military Academy to become a Commissioned

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