Service Quality Management Essay

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Case summary 3
Quality at book stores 4
Quality problems of the stores 5
Parato Analysis 6
Book stores costs of poor quality 8
Reasons for doing the Survey the way it was done 9
Programs to improve quality 11
Obstacles to hinder the changes at the book stores and quality improvement 13
Benefits can be obtained from quality improvement programs 14

Case summary

Tech is a major state university which owns 2 book stores one on campus and one off campus at a nearby mall. Both stores sell school supplies, text books, school apparels and gifts and both the stores have customers inside as well as outside the university. With the aim of providing employment opportunities to the university students there
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 Provide products that are advertised as they are in the stores
 Update the web site according to the accurate information
 Provide wide variety of books. Specially make available reference books of university course modules.

• Responsiveness: Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service.
 Being friendly with customers
 Politeness.
 Response quickly to the requirements of customers
 Save customers’ time.
 Deliver online purchases on time.

• Assurance: Knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to inspire trust and confidence.
 Employees should have a proper knowledge and understanding about the products on the shelves and stores.
 Replace the shelves accordingly
 Employees having technical knowledge to deal with computer system.
 Knowledge of company policies.

• Empathy: Caring, individualized attention the store provides to its customers.
 Provide additional information if customer needs
Quality problems of the stores
Mr. Watson has identified several quality related problems by hearing recent incidents, thorough a customer survey and ghost shoppers.
Those problems are as follows;
1. Lack of assurance
• Student employees were not knowledgeable about what products are available, where they were located in the store.
• Lack of technical skills of student

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