Essay on Self Management Team

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How members of self-management teams view changes from previous organization at the company "Alpha".

Table of Contents

A - Executive Summary 3

B - The company "Alpha" 4
1- Company Background 4
2- Reasons of the change 5
3- Self management team concept 6

C - Analysis of Primary Research 7
1- Research approach 7
2- Data Analysis 8

D - Recommendations to Management 10

E - References 1

Executive Summary:

Self management teams are nowadays popular in the business environment since the 90´s (Attaran & Nguyen, 2000. p.22). As many other companies, the company "Alpha" decided to implement this organizational structure on the 1st of November 2007. The company needed to act because
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The cost per lead was established at around 28$ per lead 5 years ago. In 2007, the cost per lead is evaluated at 42$ and will increase to 50$ in a short term period which will have a direct effect on "Alpha´s" profit.
Because the cost of one lead will nearly double compared to 5 years ago, the company needs better quality leads to improve the sales converting rate but also to reduce the number of leads used in order to keep positive results. For 2008, the Marketing Department´s objective is to reduce the number of non-workable leads in order to increase the quality. The Director of Admission also decided to put in place a self management team structure for the Sales department in order to improve the effectiveness and to increase the sales converting rate.
The second objective is to increase the retention of student in order to increase the generating revenue per students. A self management team system, with a team reward based on sales result and completion rate of the programme rather than an individual reward should push the employees to be more implicated on the team result than on their own result.

3- Self management team concept:
The notion of self management team being more effective is based on reports suggesting that self managed team can increase performance, improve the quality of the services and can also create innovating ideas (Hammer & Stanton, 1995). A link between self management and team

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