Self Managed Learning Essay

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With Introduction by Dr. Graham Dawes

By Nicola Sankey

March 2008


1. An introduction to Self Managed Learning (SML) by Dr. Graham Dawes page 3

2. The Student Experience of Self Managed Learning (SML): evidence from research page 10

3. Introduction page 10

4. Research Strategy page 11

5. Empirical Research Evidence page 12

▪ What did the students like about SML? page 12

▪ How was it beneficial to students and what did they learn? page 21

▪ Why might SML work less well? page 31

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Learning Group. This comprises six students (of roughly the same age) with an adult learning group adviser. The learning group adviser is not a subject expert, their expertise is in learning. Their role within the group, over and above that of any other group member, is to ensure that the structure of the learning group meetings is adhered to and that the focus on learning is maintained. The body of the learning group meeting is where each student has their ‘individual time’. During this period they are the focus of the group’s attention. The student is able to decide how they will use their time. Frequently, they will be reporting activities undertaken toward one or more of their goals and the next steps they are contemplating. The other group members will be questioning them on what they have done, what went well, what didn’t, how they might approach the matter differently and what they have learnt from their experiences. In considering their next steps they could find themselves challenged by the group if it is felt they are ignoring either potential problems or potential opportunities. A student might also choose to use the group, in their individual time, to help them devise questions for a visit they are undertaking to find out about a possible future career. They

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