Segmentation Targeting Positioning of Sport Car Essays

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Using a product or service of your choice; illustrate the process of STP.

Mass marketing – Examples, ware rare?
Segmentation- (in few sentences)
> Segmentation is needed to find own segment, niche, and opportunity > Segmentation is needed to locate the best target group. > Formulated best marketing decision

Targeting- (in few sentences) 3 main approach (HF5415 B8)
 Concentrated

 Differentiated

 Undifferentiated (Mass Marketing)

Positioning- (in few sentences)
 Is established brand name in consumer mind
 Helps build the brand image
 Creates cogent reason why target market should buy a product.

Product Choice, specification and reason why? (Product is: SPORT CAR)
 Not for every one
 Need for STP
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• Usage rate - 3 different: light, medium and heavy. Is difficult to distinguish in which rate are sports car consumers, but is safe to assume that even wealthy consumers are buy one car per 6 years. This is why all consumers are light users.
• Buyers- Readiness storage- In case of sport car is good to assume that all consumers are well aware of the product and they are motivated not only by brand reputation but also by technical performance.


 Concentrated Targeting: Marketing mix is suitable for one particular segment. (Single segment concentration)
• Marketing Mix: PRODUCT: high quality, respectful brand, life time guarantee. PRICE: High price PROMOTION: Advertising, public relation, personal sale. PLACE: car salons.
• Segment: wealthy successful man with high ambitions.
 Differentiated Targeting: If sport cars are sold in more than one option these options can stimulus changes in marketing mix to target different segment. E.G if car manufacture wants focus on teenagers market or woman market then marketing mix will have to change and it will affect all 4 P’s. (Market Specialisation)

POSITIONING- strongly related to brand building.

 Points of Difference. Sport car manufactory need to build attributes and benefits that consumer will be strongly related to the

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