Selfridges: Search Engine Marketing

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SEM refers to Search Engine Marketing. It’s “The application of different techniques to get good positioning in search engines: get the websites at the top of the list” (Chaffey et al., 2006).

When people search fashion related words, if Selfridges can have higher ranks in the search results pages, there will be more people visit Selfridge website and as a result, there will be higher sales for Selfridges.

SEM consists of two techniques: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-per-click). (Chaffey et al., 2006).

SEO works in a technological perspective, where people study how search engine is working so that they know what keywords they want to use in order to get a higher rank in the search result page.

In order to get the
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In today’s markets, knowing how to work effectively and efficiently is crucial to achieving a common goal. Our plan is to implement the Chinese Selfridges website into social networking setting throughout China. However, before doing so, Selfridges has to acquire cross-culture skills that will help it gain success. The main problem with creating a website like this in China is the language barrier. The firm needs to hire stuff who masters the Chinese language in order to make a website that will attract Chinese customers who can affordable the products offered by Selfridges. Overcoming the language barrier is very important when trying to run a business into another …show more content…
There should be at least three new posts everyday to let the Facebook fans know what they are going to expect. These posts should introduce the new products and trend of 2015 so that fans can start to find out what they like. These posts should also include links to the Selfridges online store. Some fans might make purchase right after they’ve read the posts.

When fans like or share these posts, their friends will also find out the new offering of Selfridges. This is really beneficial. Meanwhile, Selfridges should also purchase Facebook advertisement. The Facebook advertisement can make sure its fans will see that Selfridges’ posts. If Selfridges doesn’t purchase the advertisement, the fans might miss the posts as they might be overwhelmed by other posts in their feeds. Moreover, the Official Selfridges Facebook page will be recommend to people who Facebook thinks are relevant to and interested in Selfridges and its related fashion products.

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