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The technology is improving rapidly. One of the most critical technologies is Internet, which is changed our life, and also the number of web pages increases every day, and many people think how to control information that is coming from The Internet. The search engine is one of the best solutions to manage the information on the Internet. The search engine is innovation, which helps users to search on the World Wide Web about any pages and also could assist people to explore any information on the Internet. Then it can display the result on the page, which is called search engine result. This paper will discuss the history of search engines, types of search engines and how search engines work.

During the past quarter century,
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Also, he created Hyper Text Marker Language (HTML) which is helped to build pages on the Internet. So that led to increasing the number of web pages. The search engine was used to find information on the specific site by using file transfer protocol (FTP). In 1990, the first search engine was Archie that was invented by McGill University in Montreal, Canada. In 1991, Mark McCahill created the new tool which was called Gopher. Both Archie and Gopher were used file transfer protocol (FTP) to work. In 1993, the field of search engines was changed because the first essential of the search engine was created by Oscar Nierstrasz at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. That search engine was called W3 catalog. Also, in 1993, the Department of Computer Science at the University of Stirling in Scotland released JumpStation that combined between three essential elements of the web search engine(crawling, indexing and searching). In 1994, Yahoo was one of the most common web crawling around the globe. After that in 1996, the company which is called Netscape; was created Internet browser. It was used as the …show more content…
There are five types of search engines. Firstly, Crawler-Based search engine is automatically created their lists by crawler or spider, which are both software that run on the search engine to produce a summary of the content of a website. Secondly, Human-Powered search engines are affected by people who are rating the result. Also, it depends on people who submitted the description for web pages and also is listing it. Then it displays the results depending on rating. Thirdly, the Hybrid search engine has mixed the results between Crawler-Based and Human-Powered that means it could consolidate the outcomes of Crawler-Based and the result of Human-Powered. Moreover, Meta search engines have combined all types of search engines and displayed the results in one big list. Many search engines move to this type of search engine because of it helps the results to improve their quality. Finally, Specialty search engine is the most common search engine for academic people because it focuses on the particular field. For instance, one of the most common search engines for the electrical and electronic field is the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). All those types help people to understand search engine and lead to help people to find information which they

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