Essay on Science Is A Part Of My Life

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Science has always been a part of my life, not just in the way that every science teacher says science is life, but the actual study of science. When I was young my mother, a science teacher, took it upon herself to take every opportunity possible to teach me something about the way the world worked, whether it was the way ingredients went together and interacted to form the texture of playdough or why adding baking soda to cake batter made it rise. either way, I was inundated with chemical reactions and techniques before I even knew there was a word for it and this inundation created an undeniable curiosity. Before entering high school, I had an undeterrable drive to know why, why something happened, why it worked, why it was important. It wasn’t until I walked into my first international baccalaureate chemistry course, to the mission impossible soundtrack no less, that I realized I had always possessed the tools to answer these questions, chemistry had always been a part of my life. nevertheless, it was Dr. Butler, my high school chemistry teacher that inspired me to peruse an undergraduate degree in chemistry. She answered to my first set of questions and created a springboard to propel me into even more. After two of the most academically challenging years, I had ever faced I found a passion in chemistry that none of my peers seem to harbor. My undergraduate study only increased this passion as it answered questions whale causing even more.

during my undergraduate…

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