Essay Samsung Galaxy S4 Advertisement Analysis

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Advertisement Analysis Has anyone ever wanted a cellular device that last over 5 seconds in water, dust resistant, and hold up a charge for over a week? Well, the Samsung galaxy S5 is the phone to have. Still being advertised today, the S5 is a greatly designed, smartphone cellular device that was created to be one of Samsung’s greatest productions for being in competition with their all-time opponent, Apple’s IPhone team. There company, Samsung, is still advertising its brilliant features and encouraging others to purchase it from not only them but other local companies and even online stores as well. According to the Samsung online advertisement, the S5 was designed in many colors such as: blue, black, white, and even gold. Built to not only have a rich camera resolution with great picture effects, the S5 was also built to have high-speed internet data depending on the data packages and service connections. This ad shows how the Samsung galaxy S5 is well-equipped, built with heart-rate sensors, enhanced health services, and all kind of free health and well-being content which can be used on more than one person. With the heart-rate sensor, one is able to press his or her finger in the pink heart that would appear in the middle of the phone screen after clicking the heart rate sensor app and the recording of their heart rate would soon appear. Isn’t that great? It gives clear descriptions of the S5 by showing how it is amazingly created and still…

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