Same Sex Amendment Essay

Back when settlers first came to the new world they were in search of religious freedom. No longer wanted to live under the rule of Great Britain, they left for the unknown. American was founded on the belief that once you become a U.S. citizen you are free. Although, the constitution was put in place to make sure that the “freedoms” do not get too out of hand. In today’s age some of these laws have restricted people from living the life that their ancestors risked their lives for. Everyone deserves the freedom to live their life happily. This is why I support the notion to amend the amendment against same sex marriage.
Amending the U.S. Constitution is not an easy process. You cannot just go to the president and say “hey the people don’t like this amendment we have to change it”. Amending the constitution is a drawn out process, because if it were that easy people could change anything they did not
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Some people do not understand the hesitation with changing the ban, while others cannot see any reason it should be changed. Here are the advantages and disadvantages that need to be addressed before an informed decision can be made. The number one argument against same sex marriage is that marriage is between a man and woman. When talking about religion this is true, the Bible states that this union is between a man and woman. However, not everyone is religious and in America we are allowed to practice any religion or none at all. For someone who doesn’t practice religion these restrictions should not be applicable. The argument for same sex marriage is constructed on the foundation that banning same sex marriage denies people that right is discrimination and creates a separation in society. This is true because you are granting people the freedom to openly marry whomever they want while same sex partners cannot express their love the same way (Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?, 2016

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