SWOT Analysis Of Danon's Case Study: Dannone Company

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Register to read the introduction… * Neighborhood dispersion (7 ventures in progress, 1 task ended): incorporate socially burdened people by making new appropriation channels for mass retail items and/or nearby items with a high dietary/ wellbeing worth. * Reusing systems (4 tasks in progress, 1project not yet dispatched): gather PET specifically by helping compose the work of groups of waste pickers, while likewise enhancing their personal satisfaction and that of their families. * Individual administrations (4 tasks in progress): in the field of sustenance, by professionalizing operators in the segment of administrations to people for youth advancement and maturing. * Adding to plants' financial bowls (4 undertakings in progress): add to creating job and micro organization. Danone Company’s SWOT analysis
Danone’s strategy based on producing healthy and high quality dairy products for middle and upper middle group of
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Having considered the possibility of Danone, its strengths and weaknesses by analyzing threats from the external environment, we can define an alternative strategy. Since the company operates in a growing market with strong competition, then it would be the best strategy, aimed at addressing their competitive advantage and focuses on a specific segment of consumers who choose a healthy diet. This strategy is aimed at consumers who care about their health, and buy products Danon, contains live cultures of probiotic microorganisms that can have a positive impact on health. For example, the most famous of these is Actimel . Danone dominates the market for dairy products. However, success can be secured only if the trends follow one another. So we offer to use new differentiation strategy, exactly to enter new line of products to the market. The next strategy is to focus on the target market. As we mentioned above that high prices of the products are one of the our weaknesses. Moreover, there are a lot of competitors who are offering milk products with lowers costs. That is why it will be good to change price strategy as well. In order to attract new

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