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Differences of models of health and healing:
Body-Mind-Spirit/Bio-psycho-social Model
Religion and spirituality are components of any cultural system which is difficult to clearly separate culture form religion and spirituality as it is practiced in everyday life. For some it is like the air they breathe while others profess no real sense of religion or spirituality in their lives. Religious and spiritual beliefs are often part of concepts related to etiology, treatment and prevention of ill health.
The relationship between spirituality, religion, healing, and healers was very close. It is like a process of reconciliation led by popular demand rather than by either the religious or medical
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Patients with something physically wrong with themselves are diseased but they may feel completely all right while other patients may be reasonably well (no sickness), and if they feel unwell that is an illness. Disease and illness are manage together because it is important to see patient’s perspective of themselves not recovered from a disease until they feel better and their illness is over. The importance to the illness and informations needed to be collect are biological signs and symptoms, patient's psychological state, their feelings and beliefs about the illness, and social factors such as their relationship with families and the larger community. Patients are encourage to give as much information about their physical symptoms, and how the illness affects them. This is a patient-centered approach, and generally involves open-ended questions designed for the patient to do much of the talking. The patient is also better involved in the treatment, and it includes steps to get over any illness as well as the disease.
The bio-psycho-social model states that the workings of the body can affect the mind, and the workings of the mind can affect the body. This does not have an absolute meaning of being a direct effect between mind and body, but that other intermediate factors can form a bridge from thought to biological fact. Psychosocial factors can cause a biological effect by

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