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Running Head: Personal Reflection and Purpose
Personal reflection and purpose
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Knowledge is one of the most precious things in the lives of many people and that is why people have kept on pursuing higher levels of education. Basing on this, it is pertinent to note that it’s quite important for you to climb levels of education that you can manage. I feel that pursuing a doctorate of Business Administration from university of phoenix is a very vital decision that adds more value in my life. The direction and ambitions of a person is something that develops with time. That is to say, it starts from childhood at a time when one joins the first level of education
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Given the current work in the department of accounting, then it is wholesomely agreed that the appropriate business administration is the appropriate doctorate that gives one more command in the field especially after having done Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Master in Business Administration. Studying this course in conjunction with current assignments is a little bit challenging because the course requires enough time for carrying out research with a detailed methodology which means one must it requires a lot of reading to enable one prepare a superb presentation (Obezinger, 2005). The professional and personal context brought to the course is how it can help work in line with values of the organization so as to improve delivery of services such that stakeholders and the society benefit from the operations of the company. This context serves as a guiding and a motivating principle which ensures that these concerns are met fully so that the effects are felt by both the community and stakeholders. The aspirations from this programme is to help explore how business skills enables improve decisions making process, foretell if success will be met, determining various successfully ventures, and the conditions necessary for realizing success. The areas to improve in include transformation of leadership skills that will promote

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