Diversity Of Ideas And Perspectives Within The College Of Business

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1. Please describe how you would contribute to the diversity of ideas and perspectives within the College of Business. (Limit your answer to 1000 characters - approximately 150-250 words.)

My most diverse perspective is that of my strong sense for environmental issues. In fact, I think about the impact of my actions on the environment in everything I do. I am not alone in this view, and believe that this needs to be a continual push in the fields of business. I also have a technical background, with capabilities in C++ as well as visual basic for Microsoft. I am choosing a degree in business because I believe it will give me an opportunity to stay in a adapt with the growing needs to be virtually connected. Not only do
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Swim is an individual sport for the most part, and although my form of leadership is a bit passive, I excel at leading by example and helping those who need it. Some may see my leadership style as too passive, but I will not stand for being walked on, and I refuse to invite any sort of negative aggression into my environments. School projects have given me an opportunity to see what type of leader I would be in a work situation, and through this I discovered that I take on a similar role - I find myself in the role of an organizer, planner, and problem solver. I believe a good leader should be able to follow instruction just as well as they give it. I have seen a lot of forms of leadership among bosses and coaches throughout my life, and through them I have learned what it means to be a great leader. What I found to be key is always striving to earn the respect of those you …show more content…
The aspect of community is especially important with the my second degree in sustainability. One of the requirements for this degree includes working as an intern, and so for the past year I have been an intern at Energize Corvallis. This internship is a project team that is leading the city to become more sustainable and to save energy with the incentive of winning five million dollars. Energize Corvallis has given me an opportunity to interact with our community in a constructive manner, allowing me to learn how passionate people are about their community. I know that making Corvallis at the least aware of the overall solution to an increasingly growing issue, will allow for a more united and positive community to live in. This in itself is a huge motivator, as I would like my career improve the lives of everyone I interact

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