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1. Please describe how you would contribute to the diversity of ideas and perspectives within the College of Business. (Limit your answer to 1000 characters - approximately 150-250 words.)

My most diverse perspective is that of my strong sense for environmental issues. In fact, I think about the impact of my actions on the environment in everything I do. I am not alone in this view, and believe that this needs to be a continual push in the fields of business. I also have a technical background, with capabilities in C++ as well as visual basic for Microsoft. I am choosing a degree in business because I believe it will give me an opportunity to stay in a adapt with the growing needs to be virtually connected. Not only do I bring ideas of sustainability to the field, but also the sense of determination and fight that is required to make things happen. I have worked extremely hard with balancing school, work, and my internship to ensure I have a variety of experiences to
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Swim is an individual sport for the most part, and although my form of leadership is a bit passive, I excel at leading by example and helping those who need it. Some may see my leadership style as too passive, but I will not stand for being walked on, and I refuse to invite any sort of negative aggression into my environments. School projects have given me an opportunity to see what type of leader I would be in a work situation, and through this I discovered that I take on a similar role - I find myself in the role of an organizer, planner, and problem solver. I believe a good leader should be able to follow instruction just as well as they give it. I have seen a lot of forms of leadership among bosses and coaches throughout my life, and through them I have learned what it means to be a great leader. What I found to be key is always striving to earn the respect of those you

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