Reflective Essay: The Participative Leadership Style

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A leadership style is a particular distinctive behavior possessed by individuals who are guiding and inspiring, individuals or groups of people. According to the quiz conducted by Lewin, (Cherry 2015) I possess the skills of a participative (democratic) leaders. The participative (democratic) style is the most effective leadership style. This particular leadership style has the ability to accept input from one or more group members in order to come up with solutions to solve the problem. I do find myself motivating group members as well as encouraging them. According to the quiz, developed by Lewin, the participative leadership style often leads to more effective and accurate decisions, due to the fact that no leader can be an expert in all areas. The opinions from the group as a whole creates a more complete basis for decision-making. …show more content…
Leadership is considerate, democratic, consultative and participative, employee-centered, concerned with people, concerned with maintenance of good working relations, supportive and oriented toward facilitating interaction, relationship oriented, and oriented toward group decision-making."
I believe I do try to participate and allow others opinions in order to solve problems, as a group. It is my belief that opinions of others are needed to solve problems since no one person has the answer for everything. Furthermore, getting the opinion of others is important because a lot of times, individuals on the outside looking in can give some good advice. This is why the participative leadership style is the most effective. Also, although I receive the opinion of others in the group, I do find myself wanting the final say when decisions are

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