Reflection: Why I Want To Be A Better English Language

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Reflection text.

When I applied for the English course, I did not really know what to expect. Sure, I knew it would be a lot of work to do, a lot of thoughts to think, and many new things to learn. However, I find the course interesting, and I have learned so much already. One of the main things that made me want to participate in the course is that I want to be a better English teacher. During this course, I got different kinds of inputs, and I find all of them interesting. Some of them made more impact on me, and I want to mention a few.

My attention to pronunciation and intonation made me more aware of how I pronounce the words in class. Earlier, I used to read children's books in class thinking my pronunciation was acceptable, but after
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Intonation is the melody of the language and English is different from Norwegian (Flognfelt &Lund (2016), and according to this, I think I used to get the “Norwegian sound” with high-rise at the end of the sentence after a few minutes reading. Not all the time, of course, but I noticed it during reading a book for my pupils. After a lot of practice, I feel that some improvement is on its way. I am still reading children's books quite often, and pay much more attention to pronunciation and intonation. I notice that the pupils mimic me when they talk, and it sounds more right. Knowing about correct pronunciation, intonation, stress, and rhythm in the language (Flognfelt &Lund 2016), gives me more confidence to talk and read English in class. Mellegård wrote an article in Communicare (2015), about how grammar can learn through children's books and it …show more content…
Munden &Myhre (2015) wrote a list of twelve principles for language learning, and I found it interesting. I have read the list before, but after I reflected about the learning spiral, how to “learn English through English” and “learning combines repetition and progression over a period of time” (p.38), it became more understandable for me. One of my main goal this year was that I should teach English through English. To take over a class who learned English through Norwegian earlier could be a struggle, but it was surprisingly easy. When they realized that I only spoke English, they accepted it and tried to speak English as

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