Reflection Paper On Reflecting Learning

1069 Words May 30th, 2016 null Page

From a general perspective, reflecting learning helps us to question our past actions/motives in hopes to better ourselves from the views and assumptions that limit our lives. Fundamentally, reflective practices can be comprehended as consciously thinking about and analysing what one has done or is doing. Mezirow, 1991; Rolfe, Freshwater & Jasper (2001) ‘explains reflective learning as a process that allows individuals to look back over experiences, allowing them to reflect upon them, which in term gives them the ability to make sense of them’. Reflective thinking is an important skill to attain in regards to higher learning and professional work/career, because as mentioned earlier it advances one 's skills to question and evaluate information. Thus, providing workers and students with the appropriate problem solving skills to better themselves in their chosen field of work or study. In relation to my own experiences as a student, the process of reflection has enabled me to evaluate topics and situations more effectively. For instance, when confronted with a certain situation of uncertainty, I may apply the virtues of reflection which enables me to ask the following questions to myself What, How, When, Who, Why, What if. Asking these questions permits me to think beyond the immediate state. Which, in term provides me to see the situation from an omniscient perspective, therefore, giving me greater insight on the topic and situation more proficiently. Essentially,…

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