Designing For Transfer Of Learning By Patti Shank

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This paper explores two published articles that report from research conducted on the transfer of learning. In the article” Can they do it in the Real Word? Designing for Transfer of Learning” by Patti Shank, it discusses the approach of learning .Transfer of learning is often applied, however the transfer has not occurred to the degree needed for real life situations. Research shows that transfer does not happen just because instruction is provided. The other article” Emerging Trends of Research on Transfer of learning”, by Bhawani Shankar Subedi, examines that most education and training aspires to transfer learning. Training were influence by the works of many behaviorists’ psychologist and emphasized “Whether Transfer did occur “(Subedi, 2004). This paper will examine the concepts of transfer of learning from a research stand of point, transfer of real life situations and the text of Noe`s theories on Transfer of learning process.

In the article “Can they do it in the Real Word? Designing for Transfer of Learning” by Patti Shank, the passage discusses the effectiveness of transfer of learning to real life situations. One
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Organizational or workplace related factors includes post training transfer environment, supervisor behavior opportunity to practice perceived level of supervisor support (Subedi, 2004). Training design and delivery related factors includes theories and practices of human resources development such as training need analysis, organizational analysis, job/task, design of training, and technology and instructional techniques. These factors are describe by Noe`s in the text. Trainees related factors includes trainee`s self-efficacy, ability and skills, goal orientation, motivation, personality, interest, expectation, commitment, and readiness to learn and apply (Subedi,

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