The Essentials Of A Good Education By Diane Ravitch

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At some point throughout a student's school career, students often find themselves asking the question “Do we really need to take standardized tests?” Students often question why these standardized tests are important and why they are forced to take them. Most educators follow a strict education guideline so each student is prepared for any standardized test they must take. Education is revolving around these tests, but there is more to education than just test taking. There is also a social aspect that seems to be nonexistent in some public school communities. In her essay, “The Essentials of a Good Education,” educational historian and policy analyst Diane Ravitch uses a thoroughly developed structure and relevant evidence to help develop …show more content…
Ravitch additionally includes relevant evidence to help her audience understand that the social aspect of school is extinct. Throughout her essay, there are multiple real life examples provided. In the text, it states, “They need structured play and games where they can learn physical discipline, whether in gymnastics or sports. [C]hildren and youths need social interaction to develop the soft skills that are needed in life and work.” This demonstrates that when children take part in activities, they are learning the give-and-take of participation. Activities prepare children and youths in ways that are unmeasured by standardized tests. Skills that are learned through participating in games and activities can help teach young children the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Also, the author mentions that families also partake in the way education is taught to children. Parents expect their children to have much more than training in basic skills. Parents want the zest for learning to stay alive all throughout a child’s school career. Beyond a school career, one needs to be able to survive in the real world in whichever they choose to do. For example, “Every school should have the resources to enable students to express their individuality or to take pleasure in joyful communal activities.” This is an example of relevant evidence because it helps readers understand that when students focus just on standardized tests, they will not have the qualities and the resources needed to succeed in the world outside of school. One day, students will have to be prepared for weighted responsibilities, they will have to make their own judgements, know the evil and goodness in which men are capable of, and gain insight to character. Those qualities will not be learned through the preparation for standardized tests. They will be learned from interacting with others and taking

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