Reflection On An Msc In Business Analysis And Consulting

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1 Introduction

After a very enjoyable and fulfilling year working towards an MSc in Business Analysis and Consulting, the last part – this dissertation – was extremely daunting. It would be the last piece of work I would complete for this course and the most substantial one to date. I had many fears about the whole process. As someone with a tendency to procrastinate and the inability to concentrate for long periods of time, I knew this was going to be a challenge. Just thinking about the work that the dissertation
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Soon after starting this, I realised that it would be useful to start conversing with the people Liz had suggested that I go and see. So that is what I did. I e-mailed and arranged to go and see and conduct informal interviews with them. This was a great method of data collection; it allowed me to gain insights into the service from those were closely involved with it. After much discussion, and being shown analysed data, I decided to ask for the raw data so that I could look at it for myself and start analysis.
This is where things started to get slightly problematic. The data I was sent originally was not raw data; in fact, it was data that had been heavily analysed. Out of fear of offending anyone, I asked the other person Liz had recommended. With it being the summer holidays and this lady working part time anyway, this became a long, drawn out process. From sending the first e-mail requesting data to when I finally received the data, over a month had passed. I did not want to push for the data as I knew she was busy but I now think that was a mistake on my part as I then had very little time to analyse, perform research based on the data analysis and write the dissertation. It was a mistake for me to wait this long and in hindsight; I should have gone back to Liz in order to find an alternative source for this data. When I finally got the data, it was a huge dataset. There were 114 columns by 12,000 odd rows, each with individual patient and pharmacy information. I felt my stomach drop – there was so much data to analyse and such little time. I got stuck

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