Reflection Paper About Foreign Oil Barons

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When I started this course, I was unaware of the different types of writing and the massive amounts of research behind it. Prompts given to me were thought provoking and interesting, so I took a lot of interest in various types of arguments and assignments. What caught my interest in this subject is how, as a writer, one has to argue from both sides, include research data to support them, and then conclude them with a winning argument. My collection of persuasive writing demonstrates that I succeeded at the data, logic, argument, and other aspects of each paper. Now, I am able to collect, interpret, and use the data to fit my argument while guiding the essay smoothly toward the intended prompt.
I have two strengths that assisted me in succeeding
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Specifically, this occurrence was pointed out in the instructor’s critique of my argumentative research paper about foreign oil barons. In the visual, I included information of the imports of petroleum by year from 1992 to 2015. However, instead of summarizing the data I put all the raw data on the graph making it a clustered graph which was hard for the reader to interpret (Foreign Oil). In this example, one can clearly see that it is overloaded with information without any summarization. The best way to fix this issue for the future is by interpreting the data as efficiently as possible and ensuring the data is summarized completely. Another solution involves eliminating any data which is inappropriate for the …show more content…
This happens pretty rarely since I use a dataset at least once in every paper. This occurred when I first started the semester for my exploration assignment about “If science and religion, the two of the most potent forces on the Earth come together, can they help to save us from ourselves?” (The Devotee). In this example, one can clearly see that there should have been a visual in the paper for better representation of the argument. If I would have added data to this assignment, I could have easily been able show the readers that the two factions were more alike than different and prove that the factions could work together. I overcame this weakness by carefully examining the prompt thoroughly and by including more primary sources at the time of

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