Group Reflection Report

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Reflecting upon past experience is very important in order to develop better communications skills, conflict resolution and enhance future performance. Working as part of a group undoubtedly posed many challenges both for me and the group, but being able to look back on how we worked through them is very important. This paper will delve into how I personally contributed to the project, the diffculties our team faced and the outcomes of the project.

We decided against nominating a group leader, as we felt it would negatively affect the dynamic of the group. We each gave several suggestions for an organisation, and, after much deliberation, our final 4 were the following:
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I personally wasn’t keen on KPMG but the majority of the group were. So, rather than complaining, I came to our following meeting with a new suggestion, which we ultimately went ahead with. That outcome made me realise that just because I was in the minority, I could still find a way to change the collective’s minds, which I’m satisfied about reflecting on it now. Another difficulty we faced was getting the word count down. At one point our draft was around 3,600 words, and trying to find ways to cut it without offending anybody was difficult. I realised that highlighting large parts of someone’s parts to take out may not seem anything to me, but it could have been disheartening for them given the hard work they’d put in. As such, we decided to do our utmost to trim our own parts as much as possible so as not to have to pick apart others’ work. Finally, another dilemma we all faced was the workload. Because of the time of year, we each have a lot of assignments due for other modules, and finding the time to balance this project with other work was

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