Reflection Of A Integrated Marketing Communications Essay

1318 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
Reflect on your team project experience. Describe how you contributed to the team, what skills you learned or improved, and what you would have done differently. Specifically, what was the most important aspect of integrated marketing communications that you learned throughout the project? Identify at least one obstacle you faced and how you (or you and your team) resolved it.
For Dr. Bell’s Promotional Mix, MKTG 132, class we were given the task of a semester long project regarding Facebook and their feature of Custom Audience. Throughout the whole semester I was given many roles and I learned of marketing and business skills that helped make our proposal successful. The various roles that I had overall team leader, researching and discovering other media outlets, video production for our presentation pitch, live presentation for the proposal, and the design and layout of the final team project. In addition to these main roles the rest of the team and I worked together for the smaller aspects. I felt like my greatest contribution to the team was being able to manage and coordinate all our group members and all the aspects of the project. Throughout the project there were several different components with different due dates, which kept us on track and made sure we were doing things. I also had good communication within the group of assigning tasks for each member to do. Overall I believe that I was a great contributor to our group, and my group members thanked me for…

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