Project Management: A Personal Reflection

When I was studying my GCSE and A level, I had used different application software to build up different projects like database booking systems, spreadsheet following the System development life cycle and automatic spreadsheet calculation system. Those projects are based on different business issues and try to use different Microsoft application to solve the problems. Afterward, I head one of the I.T. role name as project manager which allow me to manage different business projects. During my first two years of business administration degree, I had worked in different business group project and. When I was doing my group project, I had I learnt more skills in manage business project, how to communicate with between group members and motivate …show more content…
This master degree allows me to develop project manager techniques skill and build up my knowledge by using different project management theory.
During the master degree I can understand how strategic thinking is important in leaning the project and focus on the changing environment within the company.
Furthermore, I would like to learn more technology skills in specific I.T application and problem solving. Group project offer me to gain more different experience in team working, try to reduce the conflicts between other group members. Based on different experience that I learn from the course which can develop my leadership skills in manage the change in the project, motivate groupmates to meet up with the deadlines. In addition, I can be more confident in manage different complication and ambiguity in group project. Sometime group project may include presentation, this master degree allow me to improve my presentation skills like more confident in presenting in front of different people. Project Management provide an opportunity for student to work as a real life company in specific area like human resources and organisation
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Team building allow student to use different knowledge like planning, theory of strategy that learn from the lecture. During the team building, I can learn from the mistakes, communication skill to defend and adjust my opinion. Apart from team building, the university also provide different experience lectures to run the module and multi projects deadlines can help me to improve my time management. At the end of the course, Lancaster University will ask student to finish a final project. The final year project can test my skills level and the project can offer better career opportunity.
I am a member of course representative, this position is a communication bridge between students and teachers. This role allow me speak to my course mate and listen to my course mates opinions. After collected all the suggestions from others, then during the course representative meeting I will speak out those opinion to the

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