Personal Statement: IT Governance

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IT Governance
IT governance (ITG) is refers processes those ensure the effective and efficient use of IT resources to achieve organization 's goals. IT governance is often confused with IT controls, compliance and management. The confusion is increased by terms such as "governance, compliance and risk" that setup a link between governance and compliance.

The primary focus of IT governance is what is to be achieved from the IT resources. While IT management is about "planning, organizing, directing and controlling the use of IT resources" (that is, the how).IT governance implementation supporting reference are very few. Some of them are AS8015-2005, ISO/IEC 38500:2008. IT supply-side governance is concerned with effective, efficient and compliant fashion operation and it is primarily a CIO responsibility.

IT Project Management
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Although I was pretty much familiar with project management by utilization of what I had educated from the course, but I fully learned during my career. During my career I have been lead analyst programmer and project manager of several projects. Since I judge that project management play a key role in project success, I always use all my knowledge to get benefits from all tools and techniques such as Gantt charts, WBS, network diagrams, cost estimation and critical path analysis into practice effectively. PMBOK Guide has been always a excellent reference . Going through the subject, I learn value-added skills such as: recognize and resolve business problems , Capability to work as a team and to manage organizational

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