Organizational Structure Of Human Service Organizations

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There are many different Human service organisations and they all operate differently with their desire purpose and meeting human needs. An organisation that will be analysed is Scope; a Victorian disability support service who support people with intellectual or physical disabilities. Whilst focusing on the services that they provide and engaging with Scopes; purpose, technology and auspice. Also importantly understanding how the organisation is structured and how it is perceived by the community in order to have a greater meaning in human service organisations.
Scope was established in 1948 by a few families who were desperate for support for their children who had cerebral palsy. ‘ Non-profit organisation may not legally redistribute any
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‘Organisational structure refers how the roles of the organisation are formally organised in a hierarchy of authority and responsibility’ (Ozanne and Rose, 2012) Scope conforms in a more hierarchal structure beginning with the board of directors who is responsible for the implementation of Scope including checking and achievement of the goals. The board are made up from elected directors who are elected by full members. The board has four advisory committees including risk and audit committee who deal with financial, legal and political risks; people and governance committee; business development committee and investment committee. Then follows the CEO who is in control in the long and short term plans and decision making of the organisation and CEO ensures that they are within the authorised funding and budget. Following the general managers which subdivides into North, South, East and West customer service and delivery who are in charge of proactive leadership and directing employees with implementation and strategy and making sure that objectives and developments of programs are …show more content…
Scope has a ninety percent of satisfactory rating from their clients; with 6,578 clients in the year 2015-2016. The organisation believes it is important how they are perceived by clients and society is important as they continually review and improve their work to build capacity and opportunities for the organisation. ‘ A good practice in human service organisations is practice that takes seriously the issue of listening to and involving service users’ ( McDonald, 2011) Having a positive approach to client’s feedback can improve the quality of the organisations work for individuals. Scope represents themselves in the media through a Facebook page where they post photos and events and dates for the community to be welcomed to participate in fundraising for Scope. They also have their YouTube page where personal videos and stories of people with a disability can be watched. Scope represents in social media to develop and continue raising awareness of people with a disability and that they are not a ‘failure’ but rather they all have strengths and potential within themselves to succeed in their goals. People are welcomed to contribute to Scopes organisation by donations or volunteering at fundraising or community events. Volunteers will have induction programs and ongoing

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