Reflection 3: Interviews And SWOT Analysis

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Reflection 3: Interviews and SWOT Analysis
I was just thinking about interviews and how much I sucked at them. It’s no wonder that I never got most of those jobs I applied for. I used to go into an interview feeling prepared, but walk out feeling stupid and inadequate. That was me during my Freshman and Sophomore years. I really didn 't know what I was doing wrong but I knew everything went to crap after the interview stage. But hold on a minute, am not saying that the only reason why I didn 't get any of those jobs was because I sucked at interview. It could have been because I sucked at the interview and I also did not fully meet the qualifications of the job. However, am just reminiscing about the time in my life when I really sucked at
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Let’s not forget the one time I was interviewing for a writing TA/mentor position where I would have been tasked with guiding students as they wrote their personal essays and when asked what my biggest weakness was I said, “Honestly, I don’t like writing essays about myself.” Honestly, if I could go back in time I would slap that thought of my head then proceed to slap myself for even thinking about saying that. What was I thinking say that? How was saying that going to get me the job? The feeling that I couldn’t shake off after those interviews was the feeling of not knowing myself as much as I expected. I should know myself better than anyone else and when asked what my greatest strengths are I should have been able to state them without wringing my hands under the table and faking coughs to buy myself some pitiful …show more content…
Which is an acronym of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats, and it is an analytical method of evaluating a business or project. Just about a week ago in class, we learned about interview and the skills of interviewing. Knowing what I now know from my management class about SWOT analysis and interviews I started to think back to my many failed interviews. I finally came to the realization that the reason why I sucked at interviews and felt like I didn’t know much about myself once it was over was because I never did SWOT analysis of myself and my skills before heading off to those interviews. So when those interviewers were trying to evaluate my strengths, weakness, opportunities and challenges (instead of threats) I failed, terribly at times, because I was not prepared to do that analysis of myself right there on the spot. From my previous interview experiences to learning about SWOT analysis and hiring/interviewing skills in my management class I am beginning to understanding that SWOT is not an analysis limited to business ventures or projects. It can also be practiced on people or personally and I feel like an interview is a good example of a SWOT

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