Company G's Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… SWOT is important in identifying opportunities that are open to the company and threats that the company may face. Also, by understanding the weaknesses the company can be ready to fix potential problems before they happen.

|STRENGTHS *indicates core competency |WEAKNESSES |
|Strength 1*Quality Products |Weakness 1 Economy |
|Strength 2*Relationships |Weakness 2 Substitutes |
|Strength 3 Recognition |Weakness 3 Production |
|Opportunity 1 Unique Features |Threat 1 Substitutes
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If consumers don’t feel the need to have an all in one product with a combination of features then the substitutes would be considered a weakness.


Company G’s success is dependent on production. If there is a slowdown in production then the company will suffer the consequences; which is why production can be a weakness for the company.


Unique Features

Company G has an opportunity for success by introducing new unique features in its product. With an outstanding design team, the company has the opportunity to use this to their advantage. The product will be the first of its kind that offers an all in one computer and phone while on the go.

Increase Market

Company G has the opportunity to increase its market share with its dedication to quality and innovation. The designers at Company G are dedicated in producing products that improve the daily lives of consumers.

Widen Product Line

Company G has the opportunity to expand its product offerings through its innovation and quality. The company strives on producing multiple products. Company G can use their innovations and make several electronics that will benefit consumer’s

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