Life Path Analysis

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Once you have your list of detailed answers, you can now spot out how they are related to your activities. The best way to do this is to group them into common activities and Life Paths. Take a look at each talent and write what you were doing when you used it. You can use the list below to organize your life path.

Activities Life Paths
Pioneering, Exploring, Discovering, Innovating, Inventing and Envisioning Pioneer, Explorer, Discoverer, Innovator, Inventor and Visionary
Nurturing, Caregiving, Supporting, Counseling, Advising, Developing and Helping Nurturer, Caregiver, Supporter, Counselor, Advisor, Developer and Helper
Acting, Writing, Performing, Expressing, Illustrating, Speaking and Moderating Actor,
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You can have multiple tasks (such as writing, speaking and performing) that all fit into one Life Path. Group your answers by activity group or life path and write them below.



The third assessment will help you to summarize your answer and look for patterns that indicate which work is for you.



Create a list of your talents to inspire you and make you feel that you have a good basic knowledge of your talents and strength zones.

1. Take a moment to look over your list and change any expression to make your descriptions describe you better. Delete or add to them as needed.

2. Then, look to see if there are any other ideas that you want to add next to a talent. This will show you how it relates to your calling, or a profession you have thought about.

3. Keep revising your descriptions and groups to make your entire list more powerful and convincing. Play with the words and phrases to create an improved version. You may need to take some time to let the impact sink in so that you can see how to improve your list. Write your revised statement in the space provided.

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Is there skill you wish to learn but have not acquired the knowledge?

5. How important is it and how can you learn it?



At this moment, you should start to envision how much time and money you will be ready to invest to develop yourself based on the ideas and insight you have acquire from the outcome of reading through this book.

Take some time to put some money and time value on acquiring this knowledge. How much time and money will I be able to put into the effect of acquiring the knowledge?


Now that you know what your talents are, the question is: "What do I do next?" The answer depends entirely on you. Here are options below to help you take the next step with the knowledge and ideas that you have gained.

1. Use your Answers:

If you want to put your new knowledge into action, you can use the answers that you provided during the assessment to help you make educational choices and improve your job search.

2. Reflect on your Talents:
There are people who like to make use of the ideas and self-knowledge they have gained. Learning what your talents are can help you to respond to questions about your past jobs and why they worked, or why they did not. This knowledge can also help you identify opportunities that you have

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