Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of Visual Teaching

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1. I have confident in my study and would capable to handle all the works as I have a high score of forgiveness and hope in my VIA result. This mean I will not give up easily even I get results which are unsatisfied.
2. I am good at thinking of novel and productive ways to conceptualize and do things; includes artistic achievement but is not limited to it. I have a creative mind and are willing to have good and creative ideas.
3. I learn better with visual teaching because I am a visual learner. Mainly teachers use visual teaching so I will able to absorb their teaching easier than the others and it is one of my benefit in learning. I will learn faster than the others in lesson.
4. I am interpersonal than intrapersonal. So I can face difficulties easily as I don’t afraid of asking
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Self learning from dictionaries as I will concentrate better with dictionary which means I can understand words easily and independently.
4. Mainly teaching is in visual teaching and I am a visual learner which means I have a benefit. I can understand easier and instant than the others.
5. Read more extra sources which related from business can help me to know more extra knowledge which may be useful for what I am studying now.
1. Not understanding in class and it will affect my exam results. I always don’t understand concepts and theory in lesson. I am worried about my learning.
2. I am worried in teamwork. As I am not an active person, I may not communicate well with others easily. I am not good at working with people with I don’t know.
3. Too less in interest of learning. Always not focusing not lost control in lessons. I should pay more attention in lessons or else it will cause my learning with a bad result.
4. I have a problem of focusing. I am worried about not focusing in lesson or during study. It is easy for me to lost focus. I should try to prevent losing focus and pay more attention in studying so I should keep away from thing that addict

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