Statement Of Purpose For Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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It is a fact of life that most of the US universities are ranked among the top 50 universities in the world and studying there is a dream of life for professionals, especially for teachers of English.
As an English teacher who is pursuing further professional development I expect to undertake MA in TESOL program in one of the US universities.
First, I want to be enrolled in the program that will integrate both the theories and practice of language teaching e.g. teaching language systems and skills in English as a foreign language, which will both equip me with theoretical understandings of teaching English in a foreign context.
Moreover, I aim at the program that will have a considerable amount of input sessions aimed at enlarging my knowledge
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The points that I feel strong need for include qualitative and quantitative research in TESOL, identifying limitations of any given research and writing research reports.
Third, during the study course I plan to emphasize on the problems of designing teaching materials such as course books, manuals, e-books, web pages, dictionaries and other resources used in teaching English as a foreign language. At present Uzbekistan’s foreign language learning system is undergoing strong reforms in terms of renewing and updating the material base of teaching foreign languages in all levels of education, and one of the topical issues nowadays is creation and development of modern materials for teaching languages, particularly there is quite a lot of work to be done in the system of the higher education in this area. Most of the materials used in universities and institutes in Uzbekistan were written during the Soviet Union era and are not relevant to modern methods and approaches of teaching foreign languages in terms of their content and subject matter. Therefore, I would like to focus on designing and developing a set of textbooks and course materials for students of pre-service English teacher training courses in
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In addition to all above mentioned plans I would also like to focus on observing how the system of the higher education, especially, language teaching professionals’ preparation courses function in the US higher education system. While attending classes I plan to observe every second of lectures and practical sessions carefully and take notes concerning teachers’, lecturers’ and trainers’ classroom management skills, how the materials are presented and discussed, how students develop critical thinking skills, how they are assessed, how they accomplish tasks and experience them all on my own “skin”, I want to see and feel every mechanism of the system, observe, learn it thoroughly, bring and implement the best of them in my home University. Apart from that, I would represent my nation in terms of its culture, traditions and values at a US
University and disseminate the culture of the US in Uzbekistan within the educational context and be helpful to even better mutual understanding between our nations.
Last but not least, while conducting a research and writing my MA thesis within the program
I would like to focus on one of the topics as challenges in pre-service and in-service

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