Strengths And Weaknesses Of Learning English

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A good practise while learning a foreign language is the reflection. One has to think critically what are his/her own strengths and weaknesses in order to be able to improve and reach his/her objectives. The aim of this review is precisely this – I will expose the key factors of my English learning, then I will indicate the ways that I find most and less useful to learn a language, next I will list my strong points and my weak spots and finally I will give some ideas to ameliorate my command of English as a foreign language.
I started studying English when I was six years old, which means I have been learning it for thirteen years. Until 2015, I studied it in two different environments: the school and a private academy. Personally, I consider
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I love enriching myself by learning about other cultures, travelling, being aware of the history of different countries and, above all, learning languages. As a curiosity, I remember doing a kind of dictionary with the new English words I learnt when I was ten; so I can state that I have always had the same interests. Especially, I consider that learning English is essential for me, because I want to work abroad and travel everywhere. I do not know if I will have a job which will allow me to use many languages, as in a multilingual environment, or if I will have to focus on only one, like translation; but what I know for sure is that in both cases, English will be …show more content…
I consider that I have good listening skills, because I can normally understand any kind of conversation and I just find difficult to understand when someone speaks with a very regional strong accent. I also think that I am quite good at writing, since I am able to use different structures to express my ideas and, normally, I always find the appropriate word that I look for. Moreover, I believe I can manage grammar pretty well. Secondly, the aspects in which I think I should put effort into improving them are the following: reading, because I consider I should be able to do it faster; speaking, since I should gain more fluency; and vocabulary, as I should enlarge my

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