Purpose Of Higher Education Essay

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Even though there has been a lot of confusion between people about the purposes of higher education. Frequently, people think that higher education is meant to prepare professionals for the next generation and they are not mistaken; however, the most oblivious thing to say is that higher education allows people to secure well paying jobs. Although I believe that there is more to life like being educated properly. By simply making a difference in someone’s life is more fulfilling than having a lot of money or living in a big house near a beautiful city. Within this society anybody can find the purpose of higher education. Like for example knowledgeable people who their suggestions and recommendations can be useful in life. Therefore, anybody can deeply understand the real purpose of higher education and how it can be applied to find solutions to any problems. Like the challenges in life in general can be apart of just preparing professions and securing well paying jobs. A higher education is relevant especially in the current world where knowledge and skills are the most important requirements in solving challenges. Several people believe that the only purpose of higher education is preparation of professionals for instance, to make the next generation of several careers including; …show more content…
I think that higher education is meant to bring an understanding to the real purpose of education. Most people when asked why they want to endure education, their response is because they want to get good jobs in that pay well. There are only a few who can say that they want to change the world and people’s lives in general. However I believe that if I wanted to get a higher education. To get a good profession I would get a job that I know I would like do. Not get a job for how well they pay. For example I enjoy helping others so I intend to go into nursing as my profession to help and be

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