Recovery Oriented Mental Health System

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1)Provide one example of each of four recovery values: Personhood; Person Involvement; Self-Determination/Choice; Growth Potential; at either the practice, program or system level.

Personhood: can be defined as a person oriented practice where individuals seeking services are treated by the practitioner as people holding valued roles. This approach avoids the practitioner treating the individuals as just patients or a client. In other words, in this practise the counsellor recognizes the person receiving care as having a valued role that they occupy, such as a parent, teacher, a volunteer or a student, instead of a patient with
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The eight services within a Recovery oriented mental health system are:
Treatment (service) is a service that improve symptoms and eases distress from a person suffering from Mental illness.
(example) Psychiatric services and Adult Mental Health Outreach Services is a multidisciplinary treatment teams that provide outreach services that focuses on individualized treatment. This service provides ongoing and continuous care service which includes monitoring and evaluation. These service usually employs Doctors, Psychiatrists, nurses and mental health counsellors.
Crisis intervention (service) is a service that provides immediate and emergency care to attempt to control and ease dangerous symptoms that are experience by the person with a mental health issue.
(example) emergency room (on – call doctors) or clinic, Crisis helpline and Distress Centre these services offers emotional support, crisis intervention, suicide prevention and linkage to emergency help when necessary. These services usually employ mental health counselors, nurses and crisis
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The outcomes in Psy rehab focuses on helping the individual to develop skills and get the necessary resources they need to achieve a valued and productive life in their community even though they may still experience symptoms of their mental illness This recovery approach encourages involvement of the person’s family, Friends and Peer Delivered Services. Psychosocial Rehabilitation services helps to facilitate recovery; it is the person who actually learns to

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