Emma Crisis Theory

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The term crisis means an acute emergency, where direct intervention is required. A crisis can emerge when the normal course of daily life is disrupted by one or more major events. According to Caplan (1961), “People are in a state of crisis when they face an obstacle to important life goals, an obstacle that is, for a time, insurmountable by the use of customary methods of problem solving. A period of disorganization ensues, a period of upset, during which many abortive attempts at solution are made”. (as cited in James & Gilliland, 2013, p.7) The purpose of crisis intervention is to prevent further deterioration and to bring the balance back to the original or a higher level of functioning. Because there are often turbulent situations,
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As in Emma’s case, help is usually not enabled until the person extremely responds or the people within the persons surrounding are not able or do not know how to deal with the person in crisis. (James & Gilliland, 2013)
Application of crisis theory to the situation of Emma provides the following picture; difficulties to concentrate, conflicting emotions of insufficiency and inadequately, extreme sadness, anxiety and helplessness. This leads to a stress reaction, which leads to behavioral and health concerns and social and internal disturbances. (Dulmus & Hilarski,
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Coping is the (cognitive) ability to resolve stressful and psychologically damaging situations properly. It is a process of structural adjustment and information processing. Developing functional coping strategies can positively affect ones socialization process. People constantly experience new situations, and keep running into problems. From this social position and its definition he or she undertakes actions. This creates a new position out of which a new situation occurs which needs new actions. If the problems are solved effectively and efficiently, he or she will develop a positive socialization process. If the coping mechanisms are not efficient to people can experience a crisis. (Tillett & French, 2010) In Emma her case the contact with her father is very poor due to her parents divorce. She probably created coping mechanisms to deal with the loss and anxiety, however recently she also feels abandoned by her boyfriend, which may trigger the inability to use her previous coping mechanisms. “Anxiety is a feeling of dread that results from repressed feelings, memories, desires and experience that emerge to the surface of awareness.” (Corey, 2009, p. 63) Therefore the feeling of anxiety and loss becomes too overwhelming and puts her in a state of

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