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In your opinion, which is better for Iskandar Perdana to implement? Explain why? In our opinion, we think that Iskandar Perdana better to implement of buying ready-made software package rather than outsource because Iskandar Perdana is a small company and have small capital. Outsource usually done by a big organizations because they can afford to maintain an in-house system development team with all the skills needed and the company that want to do outsource are agree to pay for whatever time and expenses are needed to get the job done . For buying ready-made software, there are a wide variety of well-written, documented and supported software packages are readily available and the needs of company also can be met quite well by packaged …show more content…
Each node is connected to the adjacent node in a circular fashion. There is no central node. A message is sent from one node to another node through the network. Each node will examine the identifications code in the message and accepts the message if it has the code. I the node does not have the code, the node will transmit the message to the next node. The process will continue until the message reaches the intended node. Advantages | Disadvantages | 1. The data being transmitted between two nodes passes through all the intermediate nodes. 2. A central server is not required for the management of this topology | 1. The failure of a single node of the network can cause the entire network to fail. 2. The movement or changes made to network nodes affects the performance of the entire network. |
Third, bus topology. All nodes are attached to the” bus”. Data transmission from one node is sent to every node in the network. Each node will examine the identification code. it will accept messages containing its code and ignore the other messages. Advantages | Disadvantages | 1. It is easy to handle and implement. 2. It is best suited for small networks | 1. The cable length is limited. This limits the number of stations that can be connected. 2. This network topology can perform well only for a limited number of nodes. |

Forth, hybrid topology. A pure form of any of the three basic topologies is seldom found in practice. Most networks are

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