Reading And Writing : My Personal Writing Essay

1877 Words Sep 13th, 2016 8 Pages
Reading and Writing was one of the first things we learned as we entered kindergarten. From learning the alphabet to learning how to read three-lettered words, we have been reading and writing since we were young. Throughout my life, reading and writing was not always my strongest point and I loathed being forced to read and write. As I started to shift up into higher levels of education, reading and writing became more of a force requirement to pass a class. Even up to the end of my senior year, I rarely touched any of my textbooks or barely read any of my assigned books. However, as I began college, I started to push myself to read all my textbooks and complete my writing assignments with my fullest capabilities. In the past couple of weeks, I found ways to balance out my reading and writing to fit in with my leisure time and for school assignments. Over periods of time, I have come to understand myself much better and recognize my optimal reading and writing enviroments. Optimal conditions such as working at night, listening to different types music, using different locations play a big role in my focus and concentration.
Most of the time I do my homework at late into the night because I am generally much calmer and focused. Currently 2AM and I am working on school assignments and jumping from my laptop to my textbook. I am working out of the Campbell Biology textbook I use for my biology class. The desk I sit at is quite small, so I try to keep minimal objects on it…

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