Racism : Racism And Racism Essay

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I found this quote interesting as it plants the seed that whites don’t view Indians as their equals in this plot. This is the first time that Junior acknowledges that there is still a race issue. Presenting the idea that racism is even a problem in modern times. Personally, I think the dentist is not very intelligent. As he could get into a great deal of trouble if the authorities found out about his highly misinformed views.

I predict that racism will be a big factor in this plot. This is predicted because racism is shown very early on in the book. I think the main idea in this quote is racism. From the book itself as a reader I can tell that racism is a big part of the story line. The writing style seems to be descriptive. As the author describes the skin colour and other details about the characters.
This quote was valuable to me as it introduces the harsh reality of life. That nothing is perfect and we must make do with what we have. When I saw this quote I was saddened. As even books cannot ignore the harshness of reality, even if that is the author 's desire. Alas, the character would not be relatable if they were invincible to reality. I predict that reality will not be nice to Junior. Mainly, because he has told of his birth defects that caused many complications. The main idea of this quote is sadness. As it portrays the harsh reality of life. Lastly, the writing style is descriptive. As the author describes what type of sandwich and what type of…

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