Mf. Arrupe's Quote Analysis

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When I think about the meaning of the quote by Mf. Arrupe, many thoughts and questions come to my mind. Firstly, am I the one who lives for others? Or am I the “other” for whom someone should live? At the same time, what can love of self or for god being farce mean? Alternatively, how can education affect love?
Analyzing the quote turned out to be challenging, because the message the quote carries is extremely hard to express and even harder to deeply internalize. As one part of the sentence became clear, second one seemed more difficult to interpret.
After some contemplation, I concluded that each of us is both, the “men and women” and the “others”. There is no group of people, who can be considered as others, because each of us should be loved and cared about. However, to be loved, one should
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Sometimes, we do believe in something, but don’t completely realize what we believe in. Once, while I was standing in a row to buy a candle in church, a man rushed in and jumped in the row. He bought a candle and lighted it up. At that moment, I was just irritated about his behavior. However, after a while I realized the important lesson. Lighting up a candle in name of God is not the true love towards him. While God teaches us to love and respect each other, we are forgetting that main message and replacing it with some rituals as lighting up a candle in this case. I believe that an enlightened person, educated one, will not misunderstand the message, realizing it thoroughly and deeply.
If I understood Mf. Arrupe’s idea correctly, then this is what a person should strive for-turning his education in practical tool for developing his mind, in a way to be a human, caring and respecting others. If so, then impossible, becomes not only possible, but essential, because we can never live without each other, and our goal is to value, and love one

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