Dramatic Actions In The Novel: To Kill A Mockingbird

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First Reaction: Wow throughout this whole novel, Native Son, had a lot of dramatic events taking place. This book goes back in time and discusses the harsh laws against blacks. I would say that this book is almost like the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, when it gets to the trail portion of the book and both of these novels talk about racial inequality. I was surprised to learn about the psychological distress blacks also faced because of cruel treatment.
From the very beginning, I knew Bigger was going to make a mistake that would put him into big trouble. I was not so surprised when Bigger killed Mary, since he had almost murdered Gus earlier in the novel. This incident, between Bigger and Gus, explained to me earlier in the novel, that Bigger
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I have realized that no matter how hard someone tries to get rid of crime scene evidence there is always some sort of strong evidence left behind. I was really mad when he murdered his own girlfriend, Bessie, who had truly cared for him. Bigger should have not killed Bessie because either way he would have been caught, killing her will not help him escape any further. This was Bigger’s foolish mistake, he should have realized that committing another murder would only make his criminal record stronger. As always, it is true, that no one can outrun the law sooner or later they will be caught.
Towards the very end of the novel, I was really mad when the judge pronounced the death penalty. If I were the judge, I would have pronounced Bigger not guilty, after listening to Matt’s justification. At first I was blaming Bigger for the crime and wanted him to get the death penalty, however after listening to Matt’s justifications I completely switched sides. I do not understand, even after being so close to facing death, he did not want to pray and ask for forgiveness for all his sins. If I was in that situation, I would pray for forgiveness and do nothing
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Bessie is a helpless woman, she does not know right from wrong all she wants is alcohol to escape pain. Bigger uses her to seek pleasure when she is drunk. Bessie truly loves and cares for Bigger, however Bigger does not offer the same affection towards her. It is unfortunate, what Bessie believed was true love was really not it. From this character, I have learned that to never blindly trust what anyone says, because it is not always true. I do not understand why Bessie dated a criminal, I can never do that because, police could suspect her for crimes as well putting her reputation at risk. Not everyone deserves true love. It is important to get to know more about the person’s life before getting into a

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