Racial Profiling And The United States Essay

1372 Words Apr 27th, 2016 null Page
Imagine if we were African American or Latino walking at night in New York City what would happen to us? Let’s ask another question what if we were walking in a all white neighborhood? Out of ignorance most people would say nothing would happen to them. But in reality the chances are that somebody ( police officer) would stop them and ask them questions. The reason is because we are the minority in the U.S. We shouldn’t be surprised because racial profiling has been around since slavery time. Since slavery time white people have viewed themselves as superior when compared to other races. African American slave were viewed as a wild animal and dangerous. Even today that mentality hasn’t changed and people are suffering because of it. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when somebody says there is a pitbull and how you would react if you thought it was behind you? Most people would say pitbulls are dangerous and violent and that they would be scare of them. Fun fact most pit bulls are not violent or dangerous unless someone or something agitates them. And most of them are loyal to their owners and would protect them even if it cause them their life. Now replace word pitbull and add African American or Latino in there place. My point is that we as a minority are being viewed the same way as an animal. That should bring tears to our eyes when we see human beings being treated as if we were animals. Racial profiling use the same mentality people have for pitbull.…

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