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Racial Profiling is one of the most faced issues in 2016 today with teenagers and adults Racial Profiling is the discrimination against a race or ethnicity based on their religion or their skin color. Racial Profiling/discrimination is commonly heard on the news and broadcasted on the radio and circles around social media and is seen as a huge issue leaving people angry with law enforcement. Racial profiling is not necessary at all because even though based on crime rates and what causes the crimes not all people of that ethnicity are bad like the bad people. People are never born bad they are born exposed to crime and drugs and abuse which is what triggers their behavior. When crime rate rises police become exposed to thinking that one ethnicity …show more content…
When heard about these the media spreads the news like a wildfire. Videos are posted on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other media. News anchors report the news on TV when thousands are watching the program. When asking law enforcement their intake on racial profiling they reply with, “Racial Profiling has been recognized as a serious problem that affects many segments of our society and is especially notable in law enforcement.” This explains that law enforcement knows their part of the racial marking in society and they have the ability to stop it.
Racial profiling is not the biggest issue facing teenagers today in 2016, there are bigger problems facing teenagers today. Teenagers are not suggested to be part of things like this and they are not part of it. Media does not like to expose teenagers to things like this, teenagers are not affected by these problems. Adults are more likely to be affected because they worry for the lives of their children, but this does not mean it is going to happen to them. Although racial profiling is not the biggest issue on teenagers parents are worried about their children which this leads onto another reason it is a
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Although racism is bad and everyone has different opinions on the topic, but it is a bad thing. Racial profiling, is although heard a lot, it is the discrimination of people based on what you know about the particular race or ethnicity. The only way you can hear this come to an end is if you act fast and stop racism, for good. This comes to conclusion that racial profiling is heard and spoken about and used by almost every single person on Earth; racial discrimination/profiling can come to an end; the only way is if people act fast and stop it as soon as possible. This ends that racial profiling is basically a human thing people do. In america racism has always been a major problem with groups like the KKK, and civil rights groups that eventually became a gangs in today’s modern day society those groups still exist only because of racial

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